Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Roach Gigz is a major player

Roach Gigz's name has been around the bay for a few years, but didn't get much attention until he dropped "Roachy Balboa".  That mixtape made him a local celebrity and respected rapper, but "Bitch i'm a player" is gonna shoot Roach into real nationwide fame fast.  This is the beginning of the Roach Gigz era, he is about to BLOW UP.  We haven't seen storytelling this good, style this dope, or punchlines this funny since Mac Dre.  It's not just his style in lyrical power that's gonna bring him to stardom, but his approach to creating music.  In an interview last year, when asked about dropping a full studio album, Roach said that his album is going to take a long time to complete.  He continued to say that he wants every track on the album to be incredible.  Good job Roach, that's how it's done!  If you listen to most recent hip-hop albums, even the best ones, you have to skip every other song.  We're sick of this, and want an album that we can listen to and enjoy from start to finish.

Download Bitch Im a Player here

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kreayshawn though!

Kreayshawn is everywhere all of the sudden. Out here in San Francisco, 'Gucci Gucci" and "Bumpin Bumpin" are getting a lot of play in nightclubs. People go absolutely apeshit when Gucci Gucci drops, all the drunk skeezers jump up on the tables and gig! Once you hear Gucci Gucci, you're gonna be slappin' it nonstop. With that white/black/hipster/gangsta/ style, she's pretty entertaining, and hella different. Watch the video and you'll see. The best way to describe Kreayshawn would be a hipster female Roach Gigz, but more about straight punchlines than storytelling. Kreayshawn hasn't really dropped enough music for us to really know who she is, but it's looking interesting. As far as lyrical talent goes, it's hard to tell this early. As far as swag goes, she's a phenom.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The man behind the head-bobs, Pete Rock.

Pete Rock is Hip-hop. Hands down, no question our favorite producer in the game today. Pete Rock started DJing when he was 9, and its obvious that music comes naturally to him. The instrumentals he creates go from the simple, yet beautiful, like T.R.O.Y., to the more complicated and mind-blowing like A Little Soul. Take any classic hip-hop track from the 90's, odds are it was ski beatz, or Pete Rock. If you don't know Mecca and the Soul Brother like the back of your hand, your missing a very important part of Hip-hop. His 80 Blockd From Tiffanys mixtape is great! DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE HERE

Artist of the day: Chip the Ripper

Chip tha Ripper has been overlooked too many times. Chip's voice is one of the smoothest around and his style matches that well. A few years ago, he gained some underground notoriety for the "get it girl" track he did with Al Fatz. This came as a surprise, because for years before and after he was putting out stuff way better than this track. Most of the underground community looked passed him, because when he was really on his grind and promoting his stuff, he sounded just like everybody else from the South doing the same stuff. While he was on that chopped and screwed hype for a while, Chip is a lot more talented than the average rapper doin' it. His Mixtape CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE. Check him out!

Lil B the Based Disgrace

Lil B was once part of the respectable Bay Area hip hop group the Pack. They had a few slappers at one time, vans being the most well known. Lil UNO was really the core lyricist of the group. And everybody else were sort of hype-men that decided to rap every once in a while. Without the support of the Pack, Lil B's lack of talent really shows. If hip-hop is to survive, people need to realize how bad this guy is.

K'La best female hip hop cover ever.

This track is hands down, the best "for girls" cover we know of.  K'la dropped a mixtape recently, that didn't show her abilities very well.  This video really shows what K'la can do. Feels a little like a one-hit wonder, but hopefully she keeps it comin'.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fabolous is back and better than ever.

There isn't much to say about Fabolous.  He's always been overrated in my opinion.  I just gained a lot of respect for him.  His new track Pain is beautiful.  His mixtape dropped back in April, and I didn't even give it a listen, until I saw this video. This is an example of one of my favorite moments in music, when a mediocre artist disappears for years, and comes back ten times better.  Good work Fabolous.  The Soul Tape FREE DOWNLOAD HERE